IDEAGREEN is part of IDEA, our corporate philosophy is the decarbonisation of the planet, therefore we collaborate in projects where the Green Hydrogen energy carrier is used as a raw material or fuel.

We offer engineering and consultancy services throughout the lifetime of green H2, both as a raw material for industrial use and as transport fuel.

IDEAGREEN - Hidrogeno Verde

Engineering and Consultancy


We offer our engineering and consultancy services throughout the entire lifetime of green H2.

Study of the photovoltaic plants for renewable electricity generation, design of the electricity distribution lines and associated substations for energy transport, concurrent engineering with the electrolyser technologist for the definition of the hydrogen plant, consultancy and definition of the H2 storage and handling system, to finally make the integration for its final use.


Make mobility an efficient and environmentally friendly activity.

Our comprehensive sustainable mobility service aims to collaborate in sustainable development and accompany our clients towards environmentally friendly and clean mobility.

Complete study of your mobility plan

  • Consumption study.
  • Amortisation study
  • Investment analysis.
  • Pollutant gas emissions study.
  • Travel analysis.
  • Energy savings study.
  • Design of new charging stations and development of the necessary electrical infrastructure.
  • Installation of power lines to supply new chargers.
  • Study of nearby charging points.


We are focused on contributing to sustainable development and the reduction of greenhouse effect emissions..

We have extensive experience in the development of solar photovoltaic plants, from energy audits, permit processing and engineering design to construction and commissioning.


Energy efficiency is one of the most useful resources for reducing business costs and gaining competitiveness.

We provide comprehensive solutions to increase the energy efficiency of your facilities, reducing energy consumption, taking advantage of all renewable resources and reducing the impact of consumption on the environment.

Comprehensive Solutions Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Audit.
  • Development and implementation of energy efficiency projects.
  • Energy consultancy.
  • Implementation of SGE and ISO 50001 energy management systems.


Innovation and sustainability are the main foundations on which our architectural ideas are based.

We design our projects considering the climatic conditions of the environment and taking advantage of all available resources; in this way, we collaborate in reducing the environmental impact, and we get as close as possible to energy self-sufficiency in our buildings.


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